I received a phone call about a week ago from 8 year old Waylon New asking my advice on a healthy Mexican dinner. We both laughed at the sound of “Healthy Mexican Dinner” but decided it’s doable.  Waylon goes to Liberty Hill Elementary and wanted to enter the “Future Chefs, Fiesta Fit – Healthy Mexican Recipe” contest. He decided he wanted to make tacos, so I told him the first thing to do is to trade the ground beef for ground turkey because ground turkey is a leaner healthier option. Second, I let him know that corn tortillas have less calories and fat than flour, so he deiced he would use those for his taco shell. Third, we discussed what toppings to add to keep it healthy.  I gave him as recipe for an Avocado Cotija Cheese Pico De Gallo.  This option gives you a little cheese and avocado but incorporates fresh veggies without overloading on the fatty toppings. Waylon took all this advice and came up with “Waylon’s Turkey Tacos and Pico.” He followed all instruction very precisely and was amazed at how flavorful a “Healthy Mexican Dinner” can be. This wasn’t Waylons first time to cook, he makes dinner for his family all the time and even has his own utensils and apron. He aspires to become a chef and this makes my heart smile. Below you will see a picture of Waylon holding his final creation in addition to his entry form and instruction.

In my personal opinion more parents should encourage their kids to cook. Some benefits include, following instructions, sharpens reading and math skills, promotes creativity, builds relationships, gives appreciation for real food, offers a chance to be praised and encouraged, creates closeness to family/friends and most of all gives mom/dad a break!

Keep it up Waylon, you’re already a Chef in my eyes!! MUAH

Pease, Love and Butterflies,