You’ve seen my bio..

BUT, you don’t know exactly what drives me.

I was born Andrea Felicia Zamora, to Ruben R. Zamora and Teresa E. Winkley.  I was a little light hair, light eyed girl that my Grandpa and Grandma Zamora loved dearly. I sat in a bassinet in the kitchen of their restaurant “Las Casuelas” a restaurant they owned for many years in the ATX..

Today, I recognize one of the most AMAZING and inspiring woman I’ve known in my life, my Grandma, Lucille Sepulveda Zamora!

Thank you Grandma! You are an icon and what drives me to be an AMAZING woman every day! I wouldn’t be where I am without your values and dedication.

YOU DRIVE ME!! Happy 84th Birthday! You deserve the UNIVERSE! Your Numero Uno, Andrea